Shelf A Shopping Paradise


Happy Friday! I recently made a shopping lovers dream discovery! I stumbled upon this company Shelf that organizes your favorite items from various popular stores all in one place!  Here’s how it works: Picture a giant customizable shopping list. Bookmark the items onto shelves you want to keep track of, they will watch the items on your behalf. All you have to do is sign up and create a free account, then begin bookmarking the items you want to track (and eventually purchase). Items are filterable by store or category. You can view each item in a detailed panel to see quick statistics: current price, amount of savings, promo codes required for the savings, and a historical price tracking chart. For each item you can even create a price alert at the price you are willing to pay. You can also create customizable shelves and give any name such as “Wish List Shelf,”  “Spring Wardrobe Shelf,” etc. Shelf gives you the option to share your shelves on Facebook, Twitter and email.




This is a shopping paradise! Its fun and its a great way to save time and money by organizing and tracking your wish list items all in one place! I’ve already spent a few hours browsing the site and creating shelves of items I’d like to buy. Would You Try Self?

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  1. What a great discovery. I’ve got to check it out (after Vegas and after the IFB…). I’m feeling a little overwhelmed these days!