The Gift Card Re-Defined

You’ve searched high and low to find that perfect gift with no success. What do you do? You give a gift card.  I recently discovered that gift cards are not just the last resort.  Instead of only giving gift cards you can also purchase them at a discount for personal use.

The Benefits of Using Discounted Gift Cards (In no particular order):

  • The savings, it allows you to stretch your spending dollars
  • It satisfies the feeling of using a credit or check card at a discount
  • It keeps you on a budget and reduces overspending
  • It allows you to pre-plan by choosing the stores or restaurant in advance

The two websites I recommend are Cardpool and Plastic Jungle.  At both Carpool and Plastic Jungle you can purchase discounted gift cards at up to 35 %  less  for hundreds of  stores and restaurants including: T.J. Maxx, Target, JCPenny, and Marshalls, to name a few.  You can even sell unused gift cards and receive up to 92% cash back or exchange them for something else.

Here’s how it works.  I recently purchased a JCPenny gift card at a  28% discount.  I paid $129.60 for a card valued at $180.  The best part is that shipping is free, there’s a  purchase guarantee and there are no fees and no expiration!  After placing an order the gift card (s)  arrive in 3-7 business days.  If you you need the gift card (s) sooner they will email an eCODE.  For details on buying/selling and trading browse the websites for Cardpool and Plastic Jungle.

Has anyone purchased discounted gift cards? I would love to hear your experiences.