2013 Fashion Resolutions Unveiled

Happy New Year! I love the warm feeling of optimism that January brings, the fresh start and creating new goals for the coming year. I usually create personal goals in areas of my life in which I would like to improve and new hobbies I’d like to explore. This year, I decided to try something new (Hey it is a new year right?) I’ve created personal resolutions but also goals in a specific area of my life, personal fashion. In exploring ideas I found on Pintrest, I created  My 2013 Fashion Resolutions.


  1. Take Fashion Risks

via Refinery29

Street style is one area where I would love to explore. I usually play it safe with my wardrobe,

this year I would like to mix it up with prints, patterns and colors.


2. Try A New Trend

The Spring 2013 Runway Report - Color Theory - Akris

Emerald green has been named the color for 2013, its a color that I rarely wear.

Lately, I have seen great style options I’d like to try.


3. Shop Online

A good friend of mine recently introduced me to Haute Look, an online shopping site that lists sale events for designer brands.

I usually shop in store but I’ve heard such good things about online shopping sites such as Haute Look and I am eager to try.


4. Wear More Accessories

Arm Candy

I love accessories! Yet I find myself wearing minimal. I always wear earrings; this year I’d like to add unique arm candy and rings.


5. Organize My Closet


Ok…sooo my closet is not exactly this big and my wardrobe is not quite this size (well close).

I believe no fashion goal is attainable without having an organized closet where everything is accessible.


6. Wear More Dresses

Color Block V-Neck Dress. $33.00.


In looking at my wardrobe, most of it is comprised of slacks and jeans. I often find myself wearing pants and jeans all the time.

This year I would love to wear more dresses even if its not a special occasion. There’s just something about wearing a nice dress.

I am so excited to put my new fashion resolutions to the test in 2013!  What are your 2013 Fashion Resolutions?



  1. Ughhh! So love this post! Well written and great pictures! I definitely think #1 is at the top of my fashion resolutions as is # 6. Every time I see crazy patterns on clothing I think just that…Wth, I’ll look crazy in that! I see patterns on the new JC Penny’s collection in your recent post and think, I’m just boring and need to stretch myself. As for dresses, I love dresses, but I want to wear more this spring and summer. Thanks for the inspiring post.

    • Thank you! I am glad you were inspired by this post. You should created some for yourself, its fun! I have to say I am proud of myself I have been sticking to most of the resolutions. Although some I have not completed yet. I am working on #1 I have been mixing patterns and prints and colors that I normally would not wear. I agree, I cannot wait to wear more dresses this spring and summer!

  2. I’m with you, an organized closet makes a whole world of difference, so good luck.

  3. Really great post, Ariana! Love your resolutions. I definitely need to wear more accessories!!!

    Krystal K.
    The Feisty House