5 Coat Trends To Try


Its Fridayy! One night this week I finally got around to pulling out my fall clothes. In the pile of sweaters, scarves and hats were the two coats I bought last year. As the season passes by the weather changes and there becomes a need for a good coat. Purchasing a new coat is an investment. Always make sure the coat is of quality material made to last and one that will not only look nice but keep you warm. Its a good idea to have a coat for really cold days and one for days when its not so cold. If you want to try something new I found the top five coat trends this season.

1. Trench Coat

This can be worn in the classic or military style.

2. Fitted Silhouette

If you like a more lady like look try a fitted silhouette.

3. Coat With No Fasteners

A coat with no buttons or zippers, some cannot be fastened, some are fastened by using a belt.

4. Fur & Leather

Both fur and leather collars, trimming, cuffs and hems are a popular material for coats this season.

5. Military

The military coat trend gives many options in colors, prints and style.

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